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           Veterans of VP-40 Registry         This page was created May 15th, 2010.        *Latest additions 03/24/2014

If you where a veteran of VP-40 while stationed at NAS Moffett Field and would like to add your name and contact information CLICK HERE to open a submit form.  All fields are not required. Registry will be updated periodically. If you would like to keep your email address private and not appear on this page add the word "private" after your email address on the submit form. I will keep it on file and will let you know if someone has interest in contacting you. If the words "Request only" appear in the Email column below  you must email me your request to contact this shipmate. I forward your email to them.
 Everyone on the list will receive an email as new shipmates add their information.

Last Name First Name Rate/Rank Dates of Service Email City State
Barabin Percy MS2 1980-1984 barabinp@yahoo.com    
Bentz Dan AT1 1979-1984 dan.bentz@eaglepicher.com Joplin MO
Bernicky Norman AT2 1978-1981 norm@norbern.com Colorado Springs CO
Blankenship John LT 1978-1982 project.manager@wavecable.com    
Buck Dave AT2 1981-1984 danthonybuck@centurytel.net    
Burkholder Jack RM2 1971-1972 steeler_jack@hotmail.com    
Carter Jesse LT 1971-1974 j.s.c45@hotmail.com    
Carter Michael ADJ2 1969-1974 flogged@pulsarco.com    
Cleveland Hal AZ2 1976-1979 hal.cleveland@att.net Burleson TX
Curry Jennifer E2 1973-1974 jensanghacurry@gmail.com Saranac Lake NY
Devries Robert ADJ3 1967-1968 bdevries52@hotmail.com    
Dumaop Wilfredo AMH2 1979-1983 wilfredo.dumaop@navy.mil    
Fillipucci Ernie AO1 1969-1972 efillipucci@bellsouth.net Jacksonville FL
Flood Dennis AW1 1978-1981 oceanwavecvs10@gmail.com    
Flores Jose AT2 1985-1987 jflo63@gmail.com Queens NY
Gaines Bob AOC 1980-1981 loboe1@live.com    
Gawer Randy DS1 1978-1982 randy@gawer.org    
Gawlowski R. AT2 1969-1971 rgawlowski@gmail.com Hell MI
Girard Ray ABH 1962-1964 raygirard@charter.net    
Gregory Stephen AMS2 1976-1980 stephengregory5849@sbcglobal.net    
Grigsby Larry ADJ2 1970-1972 sleddog516@hotmail.com Galena OH
Haas Robert LT 1971-1974 jerryannhaas@yahoo.com Lincoln City OR
Hagan Derek AD2 1978-1980 dshkfish@sbcglobal.net    
Harris CJ AD2 1978-1984 blanchemiles@aol.com    
Haws Larry AME2 1978-1981 lhaws@roadrunner.com    
Heller Paul AEC 1970-1973 heller2828@bellsouth.net    
Hopkins Larry AZ3 1974-1976 flyerhoppy@yahoo.com Philadelphia PA
Inboden Frederick "Doc" HMCM
1977-1981 finboden@earthlink.net Silverdale WA
Kauffman Mitchell AO1 - AOC 1983-1987 redreed1@comcast.net    
*Kelly John AX1 1976-1980 Jgkelly60@frontier.com Beaverton OR
Kinzel Donald AD3 / OS1 1980-1984 dnldkinzel@hotmail.com    
Knepp Mark AN 1968-1969 Request only    
Lerma Terri YN3 1989-1993 terrilerma@gmail.com    
Luck Larry LT 1979-1983 leluck@cox.net Williamsburg VA
Martin Ron AE1 1975-1979 sparkym13@sbcglobal.net    
Meadows Tom AVCM 1979-1982 Request only Truckee CA
Miorin Tony AT2 / AT1 1978-1980 tmiorin1@cableone.net Sherman TX
Morrow George AW1 1973-1975 georgemorrow@bowie-cass.com    
Phillip Frank ATR2 1967-1969 phildotnv@sbcglobal.net    
Salisbury James AZ1 1989-1993 Jim5892@aol.com    
Scheible Bill AMSC 1986-1989 bill0830@yahoo.com Memphis TN
Schulwitz Wayne AMS2 1978-1980 wrs924@yahoo.com    
Scivally James AT3 1979-1985 HOGHEADONE@CHARTER.NET    
Serasio James PR2 1988-1989 jserasio@sbcglobal.net    
Stith Steve AW3 1970-1973 Steve.Stith@unisoncomfort.com    
Tadlock Steve AT1 1977-1983 wanderer34@cox.net Lakeside CA
Tobergte David Lt 1973-1976 bikerdjt@hotmail.com    
Vance Clint ADJ2 1967-1971 crownvranch@unwiredbb.com    
Vazquez Martin AS3 1989-1993 azmarty_1971@yahoo.com    
Wilkinson Jay LT 1980-1984 cornerstonerefinish@yahoo.com Titus AL
Woodward Robert Eric AX2 1983-1987 REWood57@aol.com    
Wright Bill AD2 1981-1984 wcw2557@hotmail.com    
Young Kevin AW2 1974-1976 fasteddy999@yahoo.com    

This site and its entire contents have been compiled and built by Norman Bernicky (AT-2 VP-40 1978-1981) from his personal collection, submitted content and from websites.  Source references are listed when available.  This site is not endorsed or approved by the U.S. Navy. The contents are solely intended to preserve the history and memory of VP-40 and  NAS Moffett Field, California. 2010-2013, All rights reserved