Moffett Field


P-3 Orion


   Iwakuni 1969

   Sangley Pt. 1970

   Okinawa 1971

   Iwakuni 1972

   Iwakuni 1974

   Adak 1975

   Misawa 1977

   Okinawa 1978

   Adak 1979

   Misawa 1980

   Misawa 1981

   Misawa 1983

   Keflavik 1984

   Okinawa 1986

   Misawa 1988

   Okinawa 1989

   Misawa 1991

   Alaska,  Panama,
      Key West 1992



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Deployments Home Page
 VP-40 accomplished 18 deployments (listed on the left of this page) from 1967 thru 1993 while home based at Moffett Field. A squadron deployment is an amazing movement of personnel, equipment and aircraft. Everything the squadron uses for its day to day operations including all tools, equipment, manuals and  spare parts are packed and shipped to the deployment site. All the squadron aircraft are flown  to the deployment site by aircrew while the maintenance and support personal are flown by transport aircraft like the Flying Tigers. Deployments typically lasted 6 months. Other squadrons from Moffett Field and other bases would also deploy for 6 month periods to maintain a constant presents at each deployment site. Deployments are a mix of very long hard work (12 hours on, 12 hours off)  and R&R (rest and relaxation) trips to interesting locations like the Philippines and Bangkok.

If you are a VP-40 veteran and would like to add to this site any content including photos and your recollection of events or memories please send to  norm@vp-40.com  Please include you name and dates of service to receive proper accreditation.

Iwakuni, Japan
Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS)

Misawa, Japan
Okinawa, Japan

Detachments are remote locations where a small group of squadron planes and personnel would go to for a shorter period of time either from their home base or while on deployments.

Adak, Alaska
NAF/NAS/NS Adak, Alaska—NAF Adak was established on 21 November 1942 and re-designated NAS on 1 April 1943, with an auxiliary airfield on Kiska, Aleutians, after the island had been retaken from the Japanese on 11 September 1943. The airstrip was named Mitchell Field on 2 February 1944 in honor of Ensign Albert E. Mitchell, who lost his life in the Aleutians earlier in the war. One of several islands in the Aleutian chain that extends across the Bering Sea, Adak’s suitable deep-water bay was the primary reason for its development as a major base during WWII.

 An advance seaplane base was established there by the tender Teal (AVP 5), which put North Pacific forces within 250 miles of occupied Kiska and in a position to maintain a close watch over enemy shipping lanes to that island and to Attu. The tender Casco (AVP 12) was damaged at Nazan Bay by a torpedo from RO-61and was beached while repairs were completed.
The air station was placed in inactive status on 15 February1947. NAS Adak was re-designated an NAF on 16 June1948 and then re-designated an NS on 1 July 1950. NS Adak was re-designated NAF on 1 July 1994 and finally disestablished on 18 February 1998
Agana, Guam
Atsugi, Japan
Diego Garcia, Indian Ocean

Rest & Relaxation?
R&R, Shopping Run, Gedunk. Whatever you call them, they are short trips to fun and bazaar cities all around the far east. From Mamasan chairs to carved ivory to shell lamps to other things we can't talk about, these trips were a welcome distraction from the regular routine.

Bangkok, Thailand
Olongapo City, Philippines
Taipei, Taiwan
Osan, Korea