Moffett Field


P-3 Orion



   Iwakuni 1969

   Sangley Pt. 1970

   Okinawa 1971

   Iwakuni 1972

   Iwakuni 1974

   Adak 1975

   Misawa 1977

   Okinawa 1978

   Adak 1979

   Misawa 1980

   Misawa 1981

   Misawa 1983

   Keflavik 1984

   Okinawa 1986

   Misawa 1988

   Okinawa 1989

   Misawa 1991

   Alaska,  Panama,
      Key West 1992

Okinawa, Japan 1986

In 1985-86, VP-40 transitioned to the P-3C Update III - the Navy's newest ASW platform. During this period, Patrol Squadron FORTY received several awards, among them: the Arnold J. Isbell Award for ASW excellence, the Tactics Bowl for the most significant contribution to the creation of new tactics employed by the P-3, and the Coastal Command Trophy for being the "Premier ASW VP Squadron" in the Pacific. In addition, Patrol Squadron FORTY served as hosts for the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force Det 21 "Black Jacks" during RIMPAC '86 exercises.

During 1986-1987 deployment cycle, the squadron deployed to Kadena, Okinawa, marking the first operations deployment of the P-3 Update III. During this deployment, the proud men and women of VP-40 proved themselves and the new Update III aircraft to be a formidable ASW force, resulting in BP-40 winning an unprecedented third consecutive Tactics Bowl Award for best tactical expertise in Patrol Wings Pacific. In addition, the squadron surpassed over 20 years and 145,000 mishap free flying hours, the finest record of any Moffett Field based squadron.