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P-3 Orion


   Iwakuni 1969

   Sangley Pt. 1970

   Okinawa 1971

   Iwakuni 1972

   Iwakuni 1974

   Adak 1975

   Misawa 1977

   Okinawa 1978

   Adak 1979

   Misawa 1980

   Misawa 1981

   Misawa 1983

   Keflavik 1984

   Okinawa 1986

   Misawa 1988

   Okinawa 1989

   Misawa 1991

   Alaska,  Panama,
      Key West 1992

Misawa, Japan 1980

From July 1980 to December 1983, the "Fighting Marlins" completed a serious of three highly successful six-month deployments to NAF Misawa, Japan conducting operations throughout the Pacific and Indian Oceans and the Arabian Sea. In addition, personnel were detached to bases in Africa, the Middle East, Thailand, Australia, and Diego Garcia. During this period, VP-40 received the coveted COMPATWINGSPAC "Golden Orion" Award for Retention Excellence for both 1981 and 1982, as well as the CNO Aviation Safety Award for 1982.

The deployment to Misawa from June to December 1983 was highlighted by participation in search and rescue operations following the Soviet downing of Korean Airlines Flight 007 in the Sea of Japan in September 1983, In recognition for its outstanding performance during these operations, the squadron was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation and 84 "Marlins" received personal awards from the Commander, U.S. Fifth Air Force for their participation.