Moffett Field


P-3 Orion



   Iwakuni 1969

   Sangley Pt. 1970

   Okinawa 1971

   Iwakuni 1972

   Iwakuni 1974

   Adak 1975

   Misawa 1977

   Okinawa 1978

   Adak 1979

   Misawa 1980

   Misawa 1981

   Misawa 1983

   Keflavik 1984

   Okinawa 1986

   Misawa 1988

   Okinawa 1989

   Misawa 1991

   Alaska,  Panama,
      Key West 1992

Alaska, Panama, Key West 1992

Patrol Squadron completed its multi-site deployment and returned home to NAS Moffett Field for the last time in 1993. Concluding 26 years of community involvement, the squadron bid farewell to the San Francisco Bay area and was welcomed to their new home at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington in November. VP-40 arrived at their new home having captured the Captain J. Isbell Award and the Coastal Command Trophy for ASW excellence. However, the ultimate recognition of the "Fighting Marlins" pride and dedication arrive on 22 February 1994 when the squadron was selected as the CY93 Battle "E" winner.