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This site is dedicated to Patrol Squadron 40 while home based at Naval Air Station Moffett Field from 1969-1992

Moffett Field Naval Air Station
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Moffett Field Blue Angels

VP-40 1981 Naval Aviation News
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P-3 Orion

US Navy Sailors VP-40  

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If you are a VP-40 veteran and would like to add to this site any content including photos and your recollection of events or memories please send to  norm@vp-40.com  Please include your name and dates of service to receive proper accreditation.

 This site and its entire contents have been compiled and built by Norman Bernicky (AT-2 VP-40 1978-1981) from his personal collection, submitted content and from websites.  Source references are listed when available. This site is not endorsed or approved by the U.S. Navy. The contents are solely intended to preserve the history and memory of VP-40 and  NAS Moffett Field, California. 2010-2016, All rights reserved